Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs is the academic arm of the CIHC.  The IIHA was created in December 2001 by the CIHC at Fordham University to provide a vehicle through which the field of humanitarian assistance may interact with local, national, and international academic communities. The Institute was designed to forge partnerships with relief organizations, publish books, hold training courses, and host symposia relating to humanitarian affairs. The Institute enables humanitarian workers to develop relationships with the University and the international community here in New York City.

The IIHA offers multi-disciplinary training in humanitarian assistance, negotiations, and disaster management through both graduate and undergraduate education, symposia, publications, humanitarian networking, and panel discussions. It provides consultations on humanitarian issues, both within the Fordham academic community and for the larger academic and aid world. Through these, the IIHA creates a unique bridge between the Fordham community and the front line humanitarian action. It strives to involve the skills and knowledge of the entire University in providing common ground for increasing knowledge and improving the methods for action of humanitarian workers.

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